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Studio za raziskavo umetnosti igre (Ljubljana)


OH, HOW VERY ORDINARY    /    Katja Legin − Bojana Robinson

Pozorište 'Kosztolányi Dezső'
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    Pozorište 'Kosztolányi Dezső'
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Oh, How Very Ordinary is a performance loosely connecting three performers and a guest, each weaving their own story in their own medium somewhere on the border between fiction and fact, intimacy and universality. Each performer stands alone and yet fragile connections of an evasive atmosphere weave between them. Oh, How Very Ordinary is based on the personal stories/fragments/autobiographical motifs of the dancers and performers Bojana Robinson and Katja Legin, the musician Tomaž Grom, theatre director Nina Rajić Kranjac – who makes a guest appearance – and the short stories of Katherine Mansfield.
On stage, a space opens up between notions of a happy family life and the reality in which individuals are caught between the ideas, expectations and needs of others. We step inside completely ordinary lives, which, on closer inspection, are full of interesting phenomena.
Bojana and Katja build the basic tone of the performance by revealing two women taking stock of their lives, their confrontation with and acceptance of the reality of the lives they live. This is, in the main, uncomfortable. At the same time, this coming down to earth is humorous and somehow more real than anything that came before. For each, in their very different ways, it also becomes an act of empowerment – a form of transition to a new maturity, to adulthood, to a taking on of responsibility, taking matters into their own two hands.
The authors experiment with different spaces, adapting and changing the performance depending on the context and situation. The performance premiered in Ljubljana’s Kino Šiška in December 2021 and was part of the Mladi levi festival in August 2022. There was also an open-air performance in Krušče Creative Center as part of the ‘little festival’ BODIES WORLDS and later in the gallery context of the DUM-project space.

Authors and performers: Bojana Robinson, Katja Legin and guests Tomaž Grom and Nina Rajić Kranjac

Music selection: Bojana Robinson, Katja Legin
Sound design and sound intervention: Tomaž Grom
Collaborators in the proces: Tomi Janežič, Tomaž Grom, Nina Rajić Kranjac, Urša Vidic, Dimitrije Kokanov
Dramaturgical eye: Zala Dobovšek
Video: Matej Marinček
Music, used in the performance: Indexi, Etta James, Benny Goodman, Bebi Dol, Simon and Garfunkel and a fraction from Podcast Agelast – Galeb Nikačević (podcast 028)
Executive producer: Tjaša Črnigoj
Co-produced by: Kino Šiška
Partners: Bunker, DUM, Španski borci
Financial support: Municipality of Ljubljana – Cultural department, Ministry for culture RS

Slovene, Serbian and English are used in the performance.

- with intermission -

Photos: Nada Žgank, Marcandrea Bragalini

Duration: 02:00


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