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Bitef Theatre (Belgrade)

Directed by: Jovana Tomić


Pozorište 'Kosztolányi Dezső'
  • OMMA
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    Pozorište 'Kosztolányi Dezső'
  • Peasant opera
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    Peasant opera / Pintér – Darvas

    Narodno pozorište Subotica - scena Jadran
  • The use of man
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    The use of man / Based on Aleksandar Tišma’s novel

    Pozorište 'Kosztolányi Dezső'
  • The night writer
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    The night writer / Jan Fabre

    Pozorište 'Kosztolányi Dezső'
  • Its not that
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    Its not that / Faust's study, based on the text by Simona Semenič

    Pozorište 'Kosztolányi Dezső'

Dimitrije Kokanov’s play, consisting of five parallel/intertwined monologues on representative endangered situations forced by the contemporary world and portrayed from the position of the “body” as a pseudo-participant, is one of the first authentic patterns intended to the “immersive” theatre strategy. Finding the right combination of identification and distance, and criticism and introspection, the director Jovana Tomić consistently pushes the borderlines of stage illusion forward, as well as the level of audience’s participation (the audience is separated in five groups and takes part in five different scenes) in order to – by using the antonyms such as “the past and the future”, “the human and the machine” or “the inside and the outside” – constantly maintain the tension between compassion and resistance – and this tension in the final, collective ceremony of the performers and the audience allows only temporary relief.

Svetislav Jovanov, dramatist - Sterijino pozorje

Cast: Aleksandar Đinđić, Ana Mandić, Jelena Ilić, Milica Stefanović, Aleksandar Petković

Text: Dimitrije Kokanov
Dramaturge: Olga Dimitrijević
Set design: Jasmina Holbus
Costume design: Selena Orb
Music: Luka Mejdžor
Lighting design: Izvanredni BOB
Executive producer: Sanja Ljumović
Technical director: Ljubomir Radivojević
Stage manager: Maja Jovanović
Lighting technicians: Dragan Đurković, Igor Milenković
Sound technicians: Miroljub Vladić, Jugoslav Hadžić
Wardrober: Marta Narančić
Decorators: Goran Gavrančić, Aleksandar Marinković, Vladan Milošević

Photos: Nenad Šugić

Duration: 01:30


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